InteliSENS® ST-HF Series Spark Tester


InteliSENS® ST-HF Series Spark Tester


InteliSENS® HF Series High Frequency Spark Testers are designed to meet International Standards for wire insulation testing. UL1581, EN50356, IEC62230.

High Frequency Spark testers enable greatly increased production line speeds compared with mains frequency testing, especially in the case of UL1581, where the 9-cycle requirement makes the electrode length required for mains frequency testing impractical. Compared with mains frequency testing, High Frequency testing generates an ionization cloud at a relatively low voltage, this ensures complete coverage of the wire surface.
Fabricated from Stainless Steel the HF Series of Spark Testers are designed to perform in harsh environments where cooling water is often evident.

  • Quick Change Electrode
  • Identify Pin Holes and Bare Patches
  • Bead Chain or Brush Electrode
  • Ozone Extraction Point
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • EN50356 / IEC62230 / UL1581 Compliant


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