The InteliSENS EG Series Non-Contact Eccentricity and Diameter gauge is designed for measuring a range of insulated wires up to 12mm (0.47”) diameter. The EG0112 is ideal for High-Frequency Data and small Coaxial Cables where eccentricity is critical for cable performance. The EG0812 is ideal for Automotive, Instrument, and small Energy Cables where wall thickness and diameter are kept at the optimum size to maintain quality and reduce material usage.

Automatic position adjustment ensures the cable is centered within the measuring zone. A built-in or remote SiDi CDi4 display provides a clear visual of 8 Point Wall Thickness, Diameter, Eccentricity, and optional features.

Focused on connectivity the InteliSENS EG Series feature 32bit communication and come preloaded with Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet Industrial Protocol for your PLC connection. Modbus, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485 and WiFi are included as standard providing a wide range of digital communications for your Industry 4.0 Solution.

  • Non-Contact Eccentricity
  • 8 Point Wall Thickness
  • Dual Axis Diameter Measurement
  • Super Fast Measuring Rate
  • Smart Sensor Industry 4.0 Digital Communications
  • Stand Alone Measuring Device or Integrated to your PLC


  EG 2012-i4 EG 4012-i4 EG 2030-i4 EG 4030-i4 EG 2060-i4 EG 4060-i4
Number of axes 2 4 2 4 2 4
Gate Size 16mm
Min Object Diameter 0.1mm
Max Object Diameter 12mm
Resolution 0.01µm
Diameter Accuracy +-1µm (0.00004") +-1µm (0.00004")+0.008% +-3µm (0.0001")+0.01%
Eccentricity Accuracy +-1µm (0.00004") +-3µm (0.0001")
Optical Scan Rate 5,000/Sec/Axis
5,000/Sec/Axis Optional
Eccentricity Update Rate 1ms
Units Diameter Measurement selectable mm, inch


Logic Input x 2

Analog input 0 - 10vdc
Required for Optional PI feedback diameter control and SMFD location

Logic Input x 2

Pulse Input 250kHz max frequency, 30v or 50v max pulses on two distinct input
Required for Helix Mode, Tolerance Location and Optional SMFD and PI feedback diameter control

Relay Outputs x 3

Maximum Voltage 50Vdc / 30 Vac / 0.5A
Selectable function: Gauge OK, Eccentricity Tolerance exceeded, Upper Tolerance exceeded, Lower Tolerances exceeded, Single Measurement Flaw Detection ( SMFD ) , Over any ( Limit ), Under any ( Limit ), Lump & Neck, Lump, Neck, Over average, Under average, Window dirty

CANbus x 1

RS232 Modbus Communications
USB using RS232 - USB Converter Cable
ZM4000 Printer Communications

CANbus x 1

Connects to Proton Products CDi4 Display

i-BUS x 1

Ethernet TCP/IP Modbus is the Default Communication. Connect to a PLC using ProfiBus, ProfiNet, or EtherNet I/P.

CANbus x 1

Ethernet selectable between OPC-UA and Modbus

i-BUS x 1

Connect to a PC or Mobile Device and use the Proton Products Gauge
App available for iOS and Android. Ideal for gauge configuration and

Gauge Head Add on Hardware

3 Analog Outputs
3 analog (+10V) outputs can be set to X, Y, Z-axis output for 2 and 3 axis gauges. Average diameter, diameter error, ovality, and ovality error.
i-BUS x 1
Feedback Control monitors the actual measured diameter compared to a Preset Value and provides a Control Output Signal that can be used to trim the motor output and maintain the product diameter within the Preset Value.

Gauge Head Add on Software

i-BUS x 1

The 10k scanning option upgrades the standard gauge to enable a high scan rate that can be used for effective flaw and defect detection, each scan takes just 1ms to obtain and output a new diameter reading.

i-BUS x 1

Maximum, Minimum, Mean, Standard Deviation, Cp, Cpk is collected during a selectable time or length period. The results are updated on the SiDi CDi4 Universal Display, PGIS Software and can be transmitted digitally.

i-BUS x 1
Statistical Process Control (SPC) enhances the Feedback Control option. Statistical Process Control, "measures" Process Capability and automatically adjusts the control setpoint to maximize material savings while maintaining control within upper and lower limits.
i-BUS x 1
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analyzes the diameter data for periodicity. Providing Amplitude versus Frequency data and a graphical representation on the SiDi CDi4 Universal Display Unit or PCIS Software.
i-BUS x 1

Single Measurement Flaw Detection (SMFD) analyzes each individual measurement and compares it with the running average. If a Single Measurement is greater than the running average and above a threshold value a Flaw is Detected.

Measuring Principle

The Eccentricity Gauge combines electromagnetic and optical scanning principles. The optical scanning system is used to define the wire insulation outer diameter and the electromagnetic system is used to determine the wire core position, eccentricity and 8 point wall thickness.

Optical measurement is done by sending out light from LEDs which shine on the measuring object thus casting a shadow on the CCD receiver. The image information is then evaluated by integrated signal processors.

The optical measurement and magnetic measurement are performed simultaneously at high rates, minimizing inaccuracies caused by wire vibrations, and both measurements are controlled on the same plane to eliminate the errors due to product twists.

Laser Doppler

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Power Supply
85 - 274 Vac

Power Consumption
300 Watts

Operating Temerature
5c - 45c (41-113F)

Environmental Protection
IP 65

Size and Weight

1166mm (45.9”)

360mm (14.2”)

142mm (5.6”)

45 kg (99 lbs)


Industry 4.0

More than 200 Data Words are available to communicate with your Industry 4.0 Solution. Data Words are divided the into distinct function groups to make it easy to select the ones you want.
Gauge ID Data Words Model Number, Serial Number, Firmware APP version, Firmware Core Version, Firmware Date
Calibration Data Last Calibration Date, Days Since Last Calibration, Total Run Time, Calibration Alarm
Validation Data Words SNR, Signal Amplitude, Good Readings, FFT Amplitude
Wired Network Info IP Address, Netmask, Gateway
WiFi Network Info IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, SSID
Measurement Data

Diameter, Eccentricity, Eccentricity Angle