Wire & Cable

Since 1999, Proton Products have supplied the wire and cable industry with state-of-the-art measurement, flaw detection, wire preheating, and production line control solutions. Proton Products fully understands the needs of wire and cable manufacturers and applies cutting-edge technologies to provide robust, accurate, and easy-to-use instrumentation. Proton Products equipment is in use in leading wire and cable factories around the world.

Diameter Measurement

Non-contact measurement of wire or cable diameters in 1, 2 or 3-axes.

  • Diameter measurement and control for insulation extrusion lines.
  • Detection of wire and insulation diameter errors.
  • Multiple gauges may be used together to measure wall thickness especially in multilayered insulation applications.

DG Series


Control of insulation diameter or wall thickness on wire or cable insulation lines.

  • Controls insulation extruders or capstan drives.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Proton Products Diameter measurement gauges.

CG Series


Diameter, Eccentricity and 8 Point Wall Thickness Measurement

  • Non Contact Eccentricity
  • 8 Point Wall Thickness
  • Dual Axis Diameter
  • Super Fast Measuring Rate
  • Industry 4.0 Digital Communications
  • Stand Alone Measuring Device or Fully Integrated

EG Series

Speed & Length Measurement

Non-contact measurement of wire or cable speed and length.

  • Production line speed measurement and control.
  • Product length measurement.
  • Control of cutters and inkjet printers.
  • Quality inspection rewind lines for flaw position logging.
  • Non-contact, slip-free and low maintenance replacement for contact wheel / roller systems.

SL Series

Spark Testing

High-voltage detection of wire insulation flaws.

  • Flaw detection on insulation extrusion lines.
  • Quality inspection during rewinding and coiling.
  • High frequency or AC frequency models available depending on line speed requirements.

ST Series

Lump & Neck Detection

Non-contact detection of lump and neck flaws along 2 or 3-axes in highest line speed applications.

  • Wire and cable insulation extrusion and jacketing lines.
  • Quality inspection during rewinding and coiling.

LN Series

Wire Preheating

Induction pre-heating of solid and stranded copper, copper-clad and aluminium wires prior to insulation.

  • Improve insulation-to-wire adhesion especially at high line speeds.
  • Improves insulation stripping characteristics.

PH Series

Temperature Measurement

  • Instant temperature reading.
  • User-friendly simple operation.

TM Series

Capacitance Measurement

Measurement of cable insulation capacitance during immersion in a water cooling trough.

  • Manufacture of capacitance critical cables such as CAT5/6 wire or coaxial cable for telecommunications and RF.

CG Series