InteliSENS DGK3000-DC

Triple Axis Diameter Gauge

The InteliSENS® Triple Axis Diameter Gauge, does much more than measure diameter. LED and CCD Technology coupled with our specially designed Optics provide Super Fast diameter and position measurement. This technology has no moving parts, no wear, no drift. The extremely powerful FPGA processor used in the DGK Diameter Gauges enable Super Fast Measurements. 5,000 scans per second per axis in standard configuration which can be increased to 10,000 scans per second per axis. Additional options add functionality to measure, control, alarm and report on product quality.
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• SMFD Single Measurement Flaw Detection
• PI Diameter Controller
• FFT Analysis
• Statistics


DGK-3030-DC DGK-3060-DC DGK-3120-AC DGK-3200-AC
Minimum Diameter 0.2mm
Maximum Diameter 30mm
1 3/16"
2 23/64"
4 23/32"
7 7/8"

Scan Speed

10,000 Scans / Second (5,000/Sec/Axis)
20,000 Scans/ Second (10,000/Sec/Axis) Option


Factory Calibrated to ±1μm for diameters < 15mm (5/8”) ± 3μm for diameters >15mm (5/8”) within gauge center area and a 0.05% error outside of center.
Gauge Output Resolution 1μm


Scan Rate 10,000 per second - Update Time 200μs
Scan Rate 20,000 per second - Update Time 100μs

Measurement Mode

Solid, Glass, Helix (Twisted, Multicore, Envelope Diameter)


Diameter Measurement selectable mm, Inch
Speed and Length selectable m/min, ft/min

Measurement Technology

LED Light Source and Collimated Optical Lens provides a broad light beam across the measured part surface. The CCD receiver is scanned at 5,000 or 10,000 times per second to measure diameter, position and optionally surface flaws.



Logic Input x 2

Pulse Input 250kHz max frequency, 30v or 50v max pulses on two distinct input
Analogue input 0 -10vdc
Required for Helix Mode, Tolerance Location and Optional SMFD and PI feedback diameter control

Logic Input x 2

Maximum input Voltage 24 Vdc
User configurable function Reset, Print

Relay Outputs x 3

Maximum Voltage 24Vdc Current 1A
Gauge OK, Upper Tolerance, Lower Tolerances, Single Measurement Flaw Detection(SMFD)

CANbus x 1

RS232 MODBUS RTU, PROTON ASCII code or Label Printer
USB using RS232 - USB Converter Cable
RS485 MODBUS RTU, PROTON ASCII code (Not available with PROFIBUS)

CANbus x 1

Connects to Proton Products Cdi Display

i-BUS x 1

Ethernet selectable between OPC-UA and Modbus

Image Image
i-BUS x 1

Connect to a PLC using PROFIBUS, PROFINET, or EtherNet I/P, data update rate up to 500/sec.
Flexible Data Configuration, Big Endian, Little Endian

Image Image Image
i-BUS x 1
Connect to a PC or Mobile Device using WiFi 2.4G and use the Proton Products Gauge App available for iOS and Android. Ideal for gauge configuration and diagnostics

Gauge Head Add on Hardware

3 Analogue Outputs

3 analogue (+107) outputs can be set to X, Y, Z axis output for 2 and 3 axis gauges. Average diameter, diameter error, ovality and ovality error.

i-BUS x 1

Feedback Control monitors the actual measured diameter compared to a Preset Value and provides a Control Output Signal that can be used to trim the motor output and maintain the product diameter within the Preset Value.

Gauge Head Add on Software

i-BUS x 1

The 10k scanning option upgrades the standard gauge to enable a high scan rate that can be used for effective flaw and defect detection, each scan takes just 1ms to obtain and output a new diameter reading.

i-BUS x 1

Maximum, Minimum, Mean, Standard Deviation, Cp, Cpk is collected during a selectable time or length period. The results are updated on the SiDi CD14 Universal Display, PGIS Software and can be transmitted digitally.

i-BUS x 1

Statistical Process Control (SPC) enhances the Feedback Control option. Statistical Process Control, "measures" Process Capability and automatically adjusts the control set point to maximize material savings while maintaining control within upper and lower limits

i-BUS x 1

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analyzes the diameter data for periodicity. Providing Amplitutde verses Frequency data and a graphical representation on the SiDi CD14 Universal Display Unit or PCIS Software.

i-BUS x 1

Single Measurement Flaw Detection (SMFD) analyzes each individual measurement and compares it with the running average. If a Single Measurement is greater than the running average and above a threshold value a Flaw is Detected.

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Power Supply
18-30 Vdc 

Power Consumption
30 Watts 

Operating Temerature
5c - 45c (41-113F)

Environmental Protection
IP 65

Size & Weight


300mm (11.8”)
350mm (13.8”)
56mm (2.2”)
8kg (17.6lbs)



525mm (20.7”)
580mm (22.8”)
66mm (2.6”)
10kg (22lbs)