• Non-contact, laser measurement does not deform or mark measured objects.
  • Available in 27 or 57mm maximum measurement models.
  • Provides statistical analysis of measurements.
  • Available fitted with optional rotary chuck or V-groove sample holders.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • For off-line, stand-alone use in incoming inspection, quality control and laboratory applications.


Derived from the highly successful InteliSENS® DG Series of scanning-laser diameter gauges, the InteliSENS® BG Series bench gauges are intended for off-line, stand-alone use in incoming inspection, quality control and laboratory applications.

A Proton Products InteliSENS® DG Series scanning-laser diameter gauge is integrated together with a miniature touch screen PC and a mains power supply unit on an aluminium baseboard. Depending on the application, optional ground steel V-grooves or a rotary chuck may also be integrated for precise sample holding.

InteliSENS® BG Series bench gauges are a fast, easy-to-use and non-contact alternative to vernier callipers and micrometer screw gauges. The touch screen PC provides measurement display with automatic maximum/minimum and ovality calculation, statistical analysis and data logging. Logged data may be extracted from the touch screen PC using a USB flash memory stick.

Operating principle

Proton Products InteliSENS® DG Series diameter gauges rapidly scan a laser beam across the object under measurement. The laser beam is focused by a receiving lens onto a photodiode and the electrical signal digitally processed by a Proton-designed FPGA processor. The time duration for which the object obscures the laser beam is directly proportional to the object diameter.

DG Operating Principle


Gate size3060mm
Minimum diameter0.10.2mm
Maximum diameter2757mm
Accuracy±(1µm + 0.008% of object diameter)±(1.5µm + 0.008% of object diameter)-

Measurement rate600scan/s
Operating temperature545°C
Relative humidity (at 38°C / 105°F)90%
Power supply voltage85220264VAC (rms)
Power supply frequency4765Hz
Power consumption24W

Measurement units (end-user configurable)mminch
Statistical analysisLargestSmallestMeanCpCpk
Helix modeEnvelope diameter of braided or stranded cables
Glass logicDiameter measurement for transparent objects