NEXiS® CS2G-CAP Series Extrusion Controller


NEXiS® CS2G-CAP Series Extrusion Controller

Extrusion Control





The Proton Products NEXiS® CS2G-CAP controller is for use on wire insulation extrusion lines.

NEXiS® CS2G-CAP controllers connect to Proton Products InteliSENS®Capacitance Gauges and Speed and Length Gauges for measurement of insulation capacitance and line speed respectively. These measurements are then fed into a PI feedback controller whose fully-isolated and floating output may be used to drive insulation extruders or capstan drives.

Insulation capacitance is thus actively controlled and kept in tolerance by the NEXiS® CS2G-CAP controller.

NEXiS® CS2G-CAP Production Line Configuration

CS2G-CAP Series Diagram


Screen 2 row, 7 segment, 5 digit display – Upper row 0.8” (20.32mm) high; lower row 0.5” (12.7mm) high
Display resolution 0.1pF/m
Presets Required capacitance Upper tolerance Lower tolerance Capacitance error Control output %
Serial communications RS232 USB CANbus – (for connection to 1× CG Series gauge)
Line speed inputs Analogue Two inputs available for 0 to 10V and 0 to 50V analogue line speed signals; end-user configurable scaling
Pulse Two inputs available for 0 to 3V and 0 to 10V pulsed line speed signals; maximum frequency 250 kHz; end-user configurable scaling
3×Relay contact outputs Function Capacitance gauge OK Upper tolerance exceeded Lower tolerance exceeded
Electrical Maximum voltage 50VDC / 30VAC
Maximum current 500mA
On resistance (@ 100mA) < 0.1Ω
Off resistance > 10 MΩ
Analogue output 1 Function Measured capacitance
Electrical Output voltage range 0V to +10V
Maximum output current 2mA
Resolution 16-bit
Output voltage scaling is end-user configurable
Analogue output 2 Function Capacitance deviation
Electrical Output voltage range -10V to +10V
Maximum output current 2mA
Resolution 16-bit
Output voltage scaling is end-user configurable
Control algorithm Advanced Control Algorithm (ACA)
Specification Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Weight 2.5 kg
5.5 lb
Length 230 mm
9.1 inch
Width 213.1 mm
8.4 inch
Height 128.5 mm
5.1 inch
Power supply voltage (rms) 84 264 VAC
Power supply frequency 47 440 Hz
Power supply current (rms) 1 A
Power consumption 35 W
Ambient temperature 5 45 °C
41 113 °F
Relative humidity @ 38°C / 105°F 90 %
Ingress Protection (IP) rating IP50
PI Controller output voltage -10 10 V
PI Controller output current 10 mA
PI Controller output resistance 10 Ω
PI Controller resolution 12 bit

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