First Eccentricity Gauge in the USA

The InteliSENS EG Series Non-Contact Eccentricity and Diameter gauge is designed for measuring a range of insulated wires up to 12mm (0.47”) diameter. The EG0112 is ideal for High-Frequency Data and small Coaxial Cables where eccentricity is critical for cable performance. The EG0812 is ideal for Automotive, Instrument, and small Energy Cables where wall thickness and diameter are kept at the optimum size to maintain quality and reduce material usage.

Automatic position adjustment ensures the cable is centered within the measuring zone. A built-in or remote SiDi CDi4 display provides a clear visual of 8 Point Wall Thickness, Diameter, Eccentricity, and optional features.

Focused on connectivity the InteliSENS EG Series feature 32bit communication and come preloaded with Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet Industrial Protocol for your PLC connection. Modbus, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485, and WiFi are included as standard providing a wide range of digital communications for your Industry 4.0 Solution.

  • Non-Contact Eccentricity
  • 8 Point Wall Thickness
  • Dual Axis Diameter Measurement
  • Super Fast Measuring Rate
  • Smart Sensor Industry 4.0 Digital Communications
  • Stand Alone Measuring Device or Integrated to your PLC