InteliSENS® ST-AC Series Spark Tester


InteliSENS® ST-AC Series Spark Tester

Spark Testers

Proton Products InteliSENS® ST-AC series mains frequency spark testers meet the international standards stipulated for wire insulation testing UL1581, UL2556 and EC62230. The Proton Products mains frequency AC Spark Testers are designed for in-line testing of cables to detect pinhole and bare patch insulation faults. They accommodate cables up to 130 mm in diameter and outputs an AC frequency, user-adjustable EHT test voltage of up to 25 kV AC (rms). Typical applications are for the insulation testing of power and automotive cables. This unit offers a broad selection of built-in and optional industry-standard communications interfaces for connection to production controllers. The InteliSENS® ST-AC Series electronics are housed in a rugged IP54 sealed stainless steel case, ensuring reliability and long operational life.

Dimensional drawings



  • 130mm maximum cable diameter.
  • 300mm long bead chain electrode.
  • 25kV maximum test voltage.
  • Distinguishes and separately counts pinhole and bare patch flaws.
  • mains test frequency.
  • UL1581, UL2556 and EN62230-compliant testing
  • Ozone extraction port.


ST2560-AC Specification25602510025130Units
Max. Wire diameter60100130mm
Electrode length300300300mm
Electrode type5mm bead chain5mm bead chain5mm bead chain
EHT test output voltage252525kV (rms)
EHT test output voltage resolution0.10.10.1kV (rms)
EHT test output voltage accuracy222%
EHT test output capacitive current (at 25 kV)999mA (rms)
EHT test output resistive current (at 25 kV)444mA (rms)
EHT test output continuous short circuit current101010mA (rms)
Power supply voltage85 - 26585 - 26585 - 265VAC (rms)
Power supply frequency47 - 6547 - 6547 - 65Hz
Power consumption400400400W
Operating temperature5 - 455 - 455 - 45°C
41 - 11341 - 11341 - 113°F

Standard Interfaces

Enable inputSafety interlock input to enable the EHT test output voltage
2x Logic inputsFixed functionNot assigned
Reset current length and all fault counts and positions
Maximum input voltage24 V dc
3x Relay outputsUser configurable functionHigh voltage indication
Pin-Hole detected
Bare-Patch detected
Pin-Hole or Bare-Patch detected
Maximum fault count reached
Isolated contacts, maximum rating50 VDC / 30 VAC / 0.5 A
Analogue input0 - 10 V dc; controls the EHT test output voltage, user scalable
Analogue output0 - 10 V dc; proportional to the measured EHT test output voltage, user scalable
Line speed input50 V maximum pulses, 250 kHz maximum frequency, user scalable
Standard communication interfacesCAN-bus*RS-232**
RS-422 / 485Ethernet

* CAN-bus protocol is proprietary and only for connection to other Proton Products equipment such as an optional CDI interface display unit.
** An optional RS-232-to-USB converter cable is available for connection to USB equipped computers

Optional interfaces – must be specified for installation at time of manufacture; cannot be retrofitted

Wireless WiFi
Industrial Bus (choice of any one of)PROFIBUS