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InteliSENS® ST-DC Series Spark Tester



  • 25mm maximum wire diameter.
  • 100mm long bead chain electrode.
  • 10kV maximum test voltage.
  • Slide bead electrode for easy maintenance.
  • Distinguishes and separately counts pinhole and bare patch flaws.
  • 3000 m/min line speed.
  • Ozone extraction port.
  • UL1581, UL2556 and EC62230 compliant spark testing.


Proton Products InteliSENS® ST-DC series high frequency spark testers meet the international standards stipulated for wire insulation testing.

DC spark testing allows a greatly increased line speed capability compared with mains frequency testing, especially in the case of UL1581, where the 9-cycle requirement makes the electrode length required for mains frequency testing impractical. DC spark testers is not as destructive as HF or mains frequency and is therefore recommend particularly for foam insulation applications.

The InteliSENS® ST-DC Series gauge head electronics are housed in a rugged IP65 sealed steel case, ensuring reliability and long operational life.


ST1525-HF SpecificationMinimumTypicalMaximumUnits
Wire diameter0.425mm
UL1581 compliant line speed3000m / min
Electrode length100mm
Electrode type2.5mm bead chain
EHT test output voltage015kV (rms)
EHT test output voltage resolution0.1kV (rms)
EHT test output voltage accuracy2%
EHT test output frequency2.14.5kHz
EHT test output capacitive current (at 15 kV)24mA (rms)
EHT test output resistive current5mA (rms)
EHT test output continuous short circuit current5mA (rms)
Power supply voltage85220264VAC (rms)
Power supply frequency4765Hz
Power consumption (with optional AiG2 interface display unit)100W
Operating temperature545°C

Standard interfaces

Enable inputSafety interlock input to enable the EHT test output voltage
2x Logic inputsFixed functionNot assigned
Reset current length and all fault counts and positions
Maximum input voltage24 V dc
3x Relay outputsUser configurable functionHigh voltage indication
Pin-Hole detected
Bare-Patch detected
Pin-Hole or Bare-Patch detected
Maximum fault count reached
Isolated contacts, maximum rating50 VDC / 30 VAC / 0.5 A
Analogue input0 - 10 V dc; controls the EHT test output voltage, user scalable
Analogue output0 - 10 V dc; proportional to the measured EHT test output voltage, user scalable
Line speed input50 V maximum pulses, 250 kHz maximum frequency, user scalable
Standard communication interfacesCAN-bus*RS-232**
RS-422 / 485Ethernet
* CAN-bus protocol is proprietary and only for connection to other Proton Products equipment such as an optional CDI interface display unit.
** An optional RS-232-to-USB converter cable is available for connection to USB equipped computers.

Optional interfaces – must be specified for installation at time of manufacture; cannot be retrofitted

Wireless WiFi
Industrial Bus (choice of any one of)PROFIBUS