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M Series Accessories

Proton Products offers the M Series range of harsh environment enclosures and accessories for SLM and SLRM Speed and Length gauges deployed in high temperature, dusty, steamy or smoky environments.



Double-wall, stainless steel harsh environment protection enclosure

  • Suitable for hot-rolling applications.
  • Protects against high temperatures, light impact, liquid splash, dust, steam and smoke.
  • Provides a unified electrical connector for electrical and communications connections.
  • Provides ports for the gauge air wipe and water cooling.
  • May be fitted with optional
    • thermal insulation baffles (TBA)
    • water cooling plate (TBA)
    • air-driven vortex cooler (00043MC039) for enhanced thermal shielding from hot metal objects.

Proton part number: 00041MC570



Power supply and break-out box

  • Connects to the unified electrical connector of the SLX-BOX (00041MC540) via a Cable SLH/X to BT100 (00041CX100).
  • Provides screw terminal access to all “INTERFACE” connector input and output pins.
  • Provides DB9 connectors to access the “CAN”, “RS-232” and “PROFIBUS” ports.
  • End user cables are sealed with four cable glands.
  • Supplies 24VDC electrical power to the gauge.
  • Input voltage range: 90 – 260 VAC @ 45 – 65 Hz.

Proton part number: 00041MC350

Cable SLH/X to BT100

Cable SLH/X to BT100

  • Cable for connecting the unified electrical connector of a SLX-BOX (00041MC540) enclosure to a BT-100 (00041MC350) power supply and break-out box.
  • Length: 100 m.

Proton part number: 00041CX100


Air services unit

  • Provides filtered air which is dust, water and oil free.
  • May be used to drive vortex coolers, air amplifiers and air wipes.

Proton part number: 00041MC370