InteliSENS® SLRmini-i4


InteliSENS® SLRmini-i4

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Speed & Length Measurement

The InteliSENS® SLRmini-i4 non-contact speed and length measurement gauge, with zero speed and automatic direction detection, is ideal for flat surface products in “roll to roll” or “cut to length” processes. Paper, Film, Foil, Wovens, Non-Wovens, Textiles, Roofing, Sidings, Gypsum Board are just a few examples. Applications where speed measurement is critical for drive control or where length measurement is critical for product quality will benefit from the increased accuracy of Laser Doppler Speed and Length Measurement.

Focused on connectivity the SLmini-i4 Smart Sensor with 32bit communications comes preloaded with Profibus, Profinet, and Ethernet Industrial Protocol for your PLC connection. Modbus, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485, and WiFi round out a wide range of digital communications for your Industry 4.0 Solution.

  • No Moving Parts, Increased Reliability, and MTBF
  • No-Slip, No Wear, No Marking of your product
  • Incredibly small and easy to install
  • Pulse outputs like your encoder
  • Stand Alone Measuring Device or Fully Integrated to PLC
  • Industry 4.0 Data Communications


  SLRmini 1220-i4 SLRmini 3060-i4
Stand Off Distance 120mm
Depth of Field 20mm
Minimum Speed 0 m/min
0 ft/min
0 m/min
0 /ft/min
Maximum Speed + - 2000 m/min
+ - 6562 ft/min
+ - 3000 m/min
+ - 9842 ft/min


Factory Calibrated to better than 0.05%.
Repeatability of 0.02%


Maximum Acceleration Rate of 500m/s2 (1640ft/s2)
Measurement Rate Up to 24,400/sec


Speed Measurement selectable m/min, ft/min, yd/min
Length Measurement selectable m, ft, inch, yd


Normal (Continuous Length), Batch Length

Object Detection

Automatic Detection and Object Present

Zero Speed

The SLRmini Series gauges can detect true zero speed as the product comes to a stop


Pulse Outputs x 3

Default Output 5vdc or User Input to 24vdc
Max Maximum Frequency Maximum pulse rate 2MHz (cable length dependent) - Pulse/Meter or
Meter/Pulse Configurable as 6 x Single End or 3 Quadrature or 3 Differential.
Non-Isolated from Gauge Head, Opto Isolated from the PSU-BOB i4

Logic Input x 2

Maximum Input Voltage 30Vdc
2 x Fixed logic Inputs - Laser Enable and Shutter Enable
3 x Selectable logic Inputs - Reverse Direction, Length Reset, Display Hold, Speed Hold, Total Length Reset, End of Reel

Relay Outputs x 3

RS232 MODBUS RTU, PROTON ASCII code or Label Printer
USB using RS232 - USB Converter Cable
RS485 MODBUS RTU, PROTON ASCII code (Not available with PROFIBUS)

Relay Outputs x 3

Connects to Proton Products CDi4 Display

Relay Outputs x 3

Connect to a PLC using PROFIBUS, PROFINET, or EtherNet I/P, data update rate up to 500/sec. Flexible Data Configuration, Big Endian, Little Endian

Relay Outputs x 3

Ethernet selectable between OPC-UA and Modbus

i-BUS x 1

Connect to a PC or Mobile Device using WiFi 2.4G and use the Proton Products Gauge App available for iOS and Android. Ideal for gauge configuration and diagnostics

Laser Doppler

Class 3B Visible Laser.
Wavelength 650 - 670 nm, typically 658 nm with a beam diameter of 3mm (0.12”)
Total emitted power 40mW. Power Density at Stand-Off Distance 560mW/cm².

Laser Doppler

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Power Supply
18 - 30 Vdc

Power Consumption
15 Watts 

Operating Temerature
5°C - 40°C (41°F-104°F)*

Environmental Protection
IP 67

*See Accessories for High Temperature Options

Size and Weight


142mm (5.6”)

104mm (4.1”)

53mm (2.1”)

1.5kg (3.3lbs)

Industry 4.0

More than 200 Data Words are available to communicate with your Industry 4.0 Solution. Data Words are divided into distinct function groups to make it easy to select the ones you want.
Gauge ID Data Words Model Number, Serial Number, Firmware APP version, Firmware Core Version, Firmware Date
Calibration Data Last Calibration Date, Days Since Last Calibration, Total Run Time, Calibration Alarm
Validation Data Words SNR, Signal Amplitude, Good Readings, FFT Amplitude
Wired Network Info IP Address, Netmask, Gateway
WiFi Network Info IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, SSID
Measurement Data Instant Speed, Average Speed, Batch Length, Total Length
Diagnostic Data Laser Temperature, APD Temperature, Laser ON/OFF Cycles, Laser Power