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InteliSENS® DG-k Series Diameter Gauge



  • Completely solid-state design with no moving parts for very high measurement speed and long term reliability.
  • Eye-safe LED illumination.
  • Integrated air wipes.
  • Comprehensive selection of standard and optional industrial communications interfaces.
  • Optional integrated PI feedback controller for controlling extruders or capstan drives on insulation lines.
  • Optional integrated lump and neck flaw detection capability (SMFD – Single Measurement Flaw Detection).
  • Optional integrated fast Fourier transform (FFT), statistical analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC) functions available.


Click here for information on accessories for the InteliSENS® DG-k Series of diameter gauges.


Proton Products InteliSENS® DG-k series dual and triple-axis diameter gauges are super fast, with scan rates of 5000 or 10000 scans/second/axis, providing outstanding product quality supervision.

Using LED light sources, high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and specialized optical design to measure, control, inspect, alarm and report diameter as well as Surface Quality Defects (SQD) as they happen, reducing customer complaints and improving your reputation as a quality product supplier.

The LED light sources cover the complete circumference of the product and any change in the diameter is immediately detected by the CCD optical receiver, measuring, controlling, alarming and reporting the diameter as well as the height, length and location of lumps and necks (if the SMFD option is purchased) along and around the product.

Extremely easy to install, integrate and use, InteliSENS® DG-k Series super fast diameter gauges can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated with production line PLCs. Optional audio/visual alarm units, fault printers and data logging PC software are available to complement the diameter gauge and close the loop on quality control.

Applications include production processes such as insulation extrusion and jacketing, wire drawing, quality control during rewinding and coiling, and rubber and plastic extrusion processes for hose, tube and pipe production.

Operating principle

The Proton Products InteliSENS® DG-k series of diameter gauges illuminate each axis of the measured object with collimated light from a LED light source. The measured object obstructs part of the light which is then imaged onto a CCD detector array. Analysis of the pixel data from the CCD yields the object diameter. As this system is entirely solid state, it provides a very fast measurement rate together with the reliability and robustness of a system free from moving parts.

The high measurement rate of the InteliSENS® DG-k series also enables it to function as a lump and neck flaw detector at medium line speeds (< 500 m/min) when purchased with the high speed (10k) and SMFD (Single Measurement Flaw Detection) options.


InteliSENS® DG2015-5/10k 15mm Diameter Gauges

Number of axes22-
Scan rate500010000scan/s/axis
Cumulative scan rate1000020000scan/s
Update time20080µs
Maximum weight3.4kg
Object diameter0.215mm
Optical gate diameter16mm
Output resolution1µm

InteliSENS® DG2030-5/10k and DG3030-5/10k 30mm Diameter Gauges

Number of axes2233-
Scan rate500010000500010000scan/s/axis
Cumulative scan rate10000200001500030000scan/s
Update time2008020080µs
Maximum weight56.5kg
Object diameter0.230mm
Optical gate diameter32mm
Output resolution1µm
* For a < 15mm diameter object centred in the optical gate. Accuracy is ±3μm for a 15 to 30mm diameter object centred in the optical gate. Add an additional 0.05% for objects not centred in the optical gate.

InteliSENS® DG2060-5/10k and DG3060-5/10k 60mm Diameter Gauges

Number of axes2233-
Scan rate500010000500010000scan/s/axis
Cumulative scan rate10000200001500030000scan/s
Update time2008020080µs
Maximum weightTBA18kg
Object diameter0.360mm
Optical gate width64mm
Accuracy±(3µm + 0.01% of object diameter)-
Output resolution1µm

Operating temperature545°C
Environmental protectionIP65
For DC power supply models only:
DC Power supply voltage152428VDC
DC Power consumption (with optional AiG2 interface display unit)30W
For AC power supply models only:
AC Power supply voltage85274VAC
AC Power supply frequency4763Hz
AC Power consumption (with optional AiG2 interface display unit)40W

Light sourceLED
Air wipeIntegrated air wipe system
Measurement units (user configurable)millimetres (line speed: millimetres / minute, length: metres)
inches (line speed: feet / minute, length: feet)
Measurement modesSolidSolid object diameter
GlassTransparent object diameter

Standard Interfaces

2x digital inputsUser configurable functionResetPrint Activation
Maximum input voltage24 Vdc
4x relay outputsUser configurable functionGauge OKUpper tolerances exceededLower tolerances exceededSingle Measurement Flaw Detection (SMFD)
Isolated contact ratingmaximum 50 VDC / 30 VAC / 0.5 A
Line speed inputs*Analogue input0 - 10 Vdc, user scalable
Speed pulse input250 kHz max frequency, 30 V or 50 V max pulses (on two distinct inputs), user scalable
Communication interfacesRS-232**RS-422RS-485CAN-bus***Ethernet
*Required for optional PI feedback controller operation
**An optional RS-232-to-USB converter cable is available for connection to USB equipped computers.
**CAN-bus protocol is proprietary and reserved for connection to other Proton Products equipment such as an AiG2 interface display unit.

Optional Interfaces

Must be specified for installation at time of manufacture, cannot be retrofitted.

3x Analogue outputs±10 Vdc output of diameters or errors, user scalable
Wireless communication interfacesChoice of any one of: Bluetooth* or WiFi*
Industrial communication interfacesChoice of any one of: PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP or DeviceNET

*Wireless interfaces are not available in units destined for European markets.

Optional functionality

Must be specified for installation at time of manufacture, cannot be retrofitted.

PI feedback controllerProportional Integral feedback controller
StatisticsMaximum, minimum, mean, standard deviation, Cp, Cpk
SPCStatistical Process Control automatic set point for PI feedback controller (requires PI feedback controller option)
FFTFast Fourier Transform analysis for amplitude and frequency of periodic diameter variations
SMFDSingle Measurement Flaw Detection (Lump and Neck detection)