Flexible Interfacing Options for InteliSENS® Non-Contact Speed & Length Sensor

Proton Products, the global leader in non-contact laser Doppler speed and length measurement technology, has made interfacing its InteliSENS® non-contact speed and length sensor as straightforward as possible across a wide range of industrial instrumentation platforms.

InteliSENS Measuring Nonwoven Products

InteliSENS® Measuring Nonwoven Products

PROTON’s InteliSENS® speed and length sensors come standard with intelligent, easy-to-integrate capabilities that feature a broad range industry-standard or de-facto industry interfaces. According to John Kyriakis, PROTON’s chairman “Our customers have many different instrument and automation platforms, including analog, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to name but a few. They are looking for a supplier who can offer direct, flexible and easy interfacing options to their processes without the need for further equipment and additional costs. PROTON have recognized this and have embedded this capability into their InteliSENS® sensor to literally give it ‘plug and play’ capability.”

The standard InteliSENS® interfacing options include Ethernet TCP/IP (Modbus), RS-232, and Proton CANBus communications. Optional interfaces include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Industrial Ethernet/IP, WiFi and Bluetooth which are available as a substitute for the Ethernet communications interface. Both the Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces provide wireless configuration and sensor monitoring to smart ‘phones, tablet PC’s and laptop PC’s. The DeviceNet interface offers connection to PLC’s and other process control instrumentation via an industry standard DeviceNet network. Alternatively, there’s the optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET and Ethernet I/P interfaces for connection to PLC’s and industry-standard networks.

The InteliSENS® SL mini and SLR mini sensors are suitable for numerous applications involving the measurement and control of speed, differential speeds (or draws) and length to help deliver a multitude of benefits across the industries they serve. PROTON’s InteliSENS® SL/SLR Mini Series non-contact speed and length sensors typically achieve a return-on-investment within a few weeks.

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